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Heavy Duty Towing

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.

Light duty towing encompasses jet skis, scooters, motorcycles, go-carts and Smart Cars. Medium duty towing includes diesel pickup trucks, small buses, campers and other medium duty trucks. Heavy duty towing consists of semi trucks, tractor–trailers, RVs, buses and more.

When you need heavy duty towing, you have to call on a company that has the capacity and experience to service your needs without hurting anyone or damaging your vehicle. Due to the sheer tonnage of heavy duty vehicles, the towing process can be quite dangerous. Our tow operators have at least five years of experience and follow heavy duty towing best practices.

Heavy Duty Towing Capacity

Getting these heavy duty vehicles onto a flatbed truck is like a balancing act. The size and weight of these super sized vehicles demands that the utmost attention and precision be employed.

We only send our most experienced tow operators out on heavy duty tow jobs. In addition to towing some of the largest vehicles created for land and sea, we also offer an array of heavy duty towing services. Our team is versed in semi truck accident towing and cleanup, semi trailer towing and storage, heavy equipment hauling and towing, off road semi truck recovery, sunken semi trailer lifting, and much, much more.

Commercial Service Contracts

Commercial service contracts are more economical than paying a la carte. Instead of paying COD, you have the option of being billed monthly, quarterly or annually. You understand your business better than anyone but if you find that you will utilize our services more than five times annually, we highly recommend that you draft a commercial service contract with us.

We understand that you have a mechanic on staff that can prevent emergencies and unexpected breakdowns but they wouldn’t call them emergencies if they were planned. In those instances where you need heavy duty towing and recovery, contact Spring Towing & Recovery.

Area Covered

If you are located within 15 miles of Spring’s city limits, it would be our pleasure to lend a helping hand. We are proud to serve the Houston, Woodlands and Sugar metropolitan area.

Long distance hauling is available upon request beyond Harris County. Some of the long distance services offered include, long distance semi truck towing, heavy equipment hauling and towing, decking and undecking, bunking and unbunking, construction site towing and extractions, generator pickup and delivery, frac tank pickup and delivery. If you have a heavy duty or long distance towing need that is not listed, please do not hesitate to give us a call to explore your options.

Fast and Accurate ETAs

Time is money and money is time. To be late is to be disrespectful of someone’s time. They say that when you are consistently tardy, it means that you don’t respect that person or their time. At Spring Towing & Recovery, we respect and value all of our customers. You don’t have to have a huge contract to receive prompt and exact service. I

n general, our ETA’s are spot on. Tow operators typically arrive within 5 minutes of the ETA given. We understand that you just want to put this little hiccup behind you and get on with your day. Our ETAs allow you to get back to what matters most.

Spring, TX